Imagine having your own supermarket. You have it well stocked and you close off on Saturday evening to start enjoying your well deserved weekend’s rest. But soon after you close shop, your earth leakage circuit breaker trips and all your freezers turn off. You only get to know about it the next Monday morning when you get the nasty surprise.


The power monitoring solution offered by not only allows the user to keep track of energy consumption (or yield in case of photo voltaic panels) but also sends out SMS alerts whenever specific user defined thresholds are exceeded. For example, if one knows that his/her solar panels usually yield, say, 12kWh per day and this yield goes below that value in a 24 hour period, then it is clear there is something wrong. Usually it is a circuit breaker tripping and some times it would go unnoticed for days.

The power logging device

So how does this device help preventing the supermarket scenario mentioned above? Once every minute, the gadget attempts to upload its readings to a central server. If the server does not receive any readings in an hour, it will trigger an alarm and send an SMS to the owner so that he/she can go and check what is wrong.

Check to see a demo.